Nasza Oferta

Footgear is principally destined to guarantee a comfort during walking. Therefore the most important attribute, which characterised boots of our design and production, is the wear-comfort/is the comfort of wearing them. We ensure about perfect quality /about prime class of our footgear. They are only carried out with natural leather that gives/renders/provides suitable/appropriate hygienic qualities and fit.


About us

The tradition of OTMĘT has reached the year 1930.

It was the time when well-known Bohemian producer decided to start his production here, in Otmęt. Consequences of that fact were predictable: the fabric was brunching out as well as the design of footgear. The postwar time was connected with the nationalisation but concurrently the fabric was developed. The production was redoubled and began the expansion on European markets. We always have had trained cadre of employees. That has guaranteed the quality of our footgear from years. In 90., after the restructuring, our mission evolved and has concentrated on consumers’ utility/satisfaction. Our footgear is produce from the best quality natural leather and we are particular about carefully rendition. We deliver unique technology and varied design. We are well-known and valued company. All those values we have brought together for our clients, because we are willing to provide you with comfortable boots in good style.